Are you printing the materials in house?
We are not printing materials in house, but are working with a selected network of suppliers. Our expertise led us to carefully select suppliers we are working with, in order to offer you the best products on the market.
How can I personalize my prints and to which extend?

The printing method you chose will influence the amount of personalization options you have. With offset print, you can easily personalize your customer address, voucher code and potentially address your customers personally. With digital print you can personalize even further including several personalized fields, a particular font for the text or even individualized designs for every customer. Reach out to us in case you need further advice about the right choice for you!

How does optilyz ensure top execution quality of campaigns booked via the platform?

Only well-executed campaigns will perform accordingly. If a postcard is not delivered, a conversion coming from it is impossible. We know that there is literally hundreds of suppliers out there providing various kinds of services: many are great, some aren’t. We have rigorous supplier selection processes and only work with the best. Next to that, we work on very competitive CPM deals, which we make available to our customers.

Are you helping me designing my visuals?

On the platform, you will find a conversion-driven design guide that underlines “best practices” to help you design a powerful visual that converts. Within the onboarding process for the first campaign, we will also provide you with feedback regarding your first designs.

What kind of printing method do you offer?

We offer two printing methods – offset and digital printing:

  • Offset printing offers a better image quality and we recommend you to use offset printing for large print runs (> 5.000 units).
  • Digital printing offers a better text definition and will be cheaper for smaller print runs (< 5.000 units).

Get in contact in order to receive print examples from us.

I have some materials already printed. Can I use them?

Unfortunaltely no! The quality of the materials will heavily impact your campaigns’ performance and our expertise, led us to carefully select suppliers and design processes, in order to provide our and your customers with an exceptional experience.

What products is optilyz offering?

We got you covered, so that you can mail all forms and combinations of direct mail with optilyz:

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Self-Mailers
  • Booklets
  • Catalogues

We are offering a broad and standardized choice of print formats and materials.


How will you support me while setting up my campaign?

Our support team is at your disposal on our chat from 9am – 6pm (CEST), feel free to reach out to them, if you have any questions during the setup of your campaign.

Do we have to provide the voucher codes?

It is not mandatory to use voucher codes in your campaigns. However, we recommend to our customers to either upload a voucher list or define single vouchers for their products in order to incentivize customers for their next purchase and track campaigns. If you integrated optilyz to your CRM, you are also able to directly push your voucher codes to optilyz.

How can we transfer our conversion data to evaluate it in the Analytics section?

You can send us the conversion data as an Excel or CSV file when the campaign finishes. Please send the file to data@optilyz.com. It should contain the voucher codes redeemed, Unique transaction ID, Transaction time & date, Transaction value and Transaction location. For recurring campaigns, we also provide a technical interface (API) to automatically transfer the data. In the first campaign, our customers mostly work with the simple upload.

How long until my mail is delivered?

Delivery timeframes will vary depending on the quantity and the print method used, but these are our typical delivery times until the postal handover:

  • Digital Printing: 1 to 3 business days
  • Offset Printing: 4 to 5 business days

German campaigns are then usually distributed within four business days to the customers. However, as we are using Deutsche Post as our primary carrier, the delivery timeframe might vary as they don’t provide a guaranteed timeline. For other destinations, please reach out to us to get further information on the timelines.

What materials should we prepare to run a direct mail campaign?

In order to run a sucessfull direct mail campaign, you will need to prepare your address data as well as your visual designs you would like to send out.

Will you provide any feedback regarding my designs?

You will have access to print templates for each format and guidelines to help you design a conversion driven visual within our platform.

When should we expect the first conversions?

Conversions typically start appearing directly after the first mail has been delivered. Compared with online marketing and depending on your service or your product, converisons might then come in within the next one to two months. Thus, we always recommend our customers to have longer terms for their vouchers.

Do you validate my recipients’ data?

During the address upload, we are validating your addresses and checking for duplicates amongst others in order to increase your deliverability rate.

What will happen once I have booked my campaign?

Once you have booked your campaign, we will make sure the uploaded materials follow all guidelines.

  • If there is anything that needs to be reworked (e.g. visuals are not respecting the postal service guidelines), you will receive an e-mail from data@optilyz.com.
  • If everything is fine, we will hand over the materials to our printers and inform you accordingly.

Integrations & Automations

I don’t use any CRM or marketing cloud, how can I integrate my customer data base with optilyz?

We also provide a REST API and a SFTP remote connection to let you create custom integrations directly with your customer data base. Learn more about our API.

If you are using a different platform and would like to integrate with optilyz, please contact us.

What are automations?

Define a specific day or certain mail volume within the optilyz platform as a trigger for the dispatch. optilyz will collect the data until the trigger has been reached. Once this happens, a targeted mailing campaign will be created and send automatically using the materials uploaded in your automation.

Billing & Pricing

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payment via wire transfer. Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal or credit card at this time.

Do your prices include the cost of postage?

Yes, prices you will see on optilyz are all-in-costs, they include printing, postage and no hidden fees.

How does pricing work?

optilyz offers a free version of the platform that only requires you to pay for printing and postage for your booked campaigns, making it ideal for clients who only mail occasionally. Clients who wish to automate recurring mailings will need to pay an additional monthly subscription fee for the platform usage. Check our pricing & plans for more details.

When will I be billed by optilyz?

After you have booked your campaign on the platform, you will receive an invoice via email. You then have 10 business days to pay for the invoice.


How can I apply for a position at optilyz?

We’re always looking for great talent to assist us in rethinking direct mail marketing. Please send your CV with a short cover letter to recruiting@optilyz.com.

What countries is optilyz available in?

We are currently focusing our activities on Western and Central Europe. Please get in touch for further details.

How long does it take to set up a campaign with optilyz?

As soon as you have your materials (customer files and visuals) ready, it only takes you five minutes to book your campaign in the platform.

We would like to test optilyz – how would this look like?

Just like in online marketing, a test at too low scale will not generate any statistically relevant insights. At the same time though, the budget required for a test campaign is limited and most customers then move on to run full-scale campaigns via the platform. Reach out to us to get some input what volumes are required to achieve meaningful results.

We use an agency for our marketing. How can we also benefit from optilyz?

Many of our users are in fact agencies – who leverage the platform to book, track and optimize campaigns for their clients more efficiently and with an even greater impact.

We already do email marketing, why should we do direct mail marketing?

We are former online marketers ourselves and believe in the massive potential of online channels. However, email marketing is not for every use case and a well-balanced marketing mix requires more. Furthermore, direct mail marketing provides many important benefits that should not be overlooked. You can for example build trust, reach many audiences that are hard to reach online, bridge conversion lags and convey a lot of content offline. Since response rates offline are much higher, you can often achieve extremely competitive customer acquisition cost.

What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing in which past, current or potential customers receive a personalised offer for goods or services via physical mail.

Still have a question?

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