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Boost your marketing with direct mail automation With our software you can easily integrate letters, self-mailers & postcards into your cross-channel marketing.



Direct mail becomes an agile performance channel

Direct mail is becoming increasingly important in the digital marketing mindset. Gone are the days of laborious, manual work. Today, direct mail is data-driven, personalised and automated.



  • Agile, data-driven performance channel
  • Average conversion rates of 4-10%
  • Measurable through various tracking methods
  • Easy integration in every marketing cloud
  • 70-80% less manual effort
  • (Hyper-)personalisation & automation

What you can achieve with us


+ 3-15% Targeted segmentation

If you incorporate personal interests and individual customer behaviour into the content of your direct mail, your conversion rates can increase by 3-15%.


+ 2-10% A/B testing & best practices

Your conversion rates can grow by 2-10% if you focus on improved A/B testing and put the insights of our customer success team to work for you.


+ 3-10% Part of the customer journey

Automation allows you to send direct mail at the right time for your customers. This can increase your conversion rates by 3-10%.


+ 5-20% Hyper-personalisation

Hyper-personalised content on a 1:1 basis, such as individual product recommendations, can catapult your conversion rates by as much as 5-20%.


+ 2-5% Cross-channel effects

When you integrate direct mail into your cross-channel communication and create real customer experiences, your conversion rates will be boosted too!

Easy integration

optilyz can seamlessly be integrated in every marketing cloud, CDP or even own data management systems via API or WebHooks. We keep the integration as easy as possible so no further technical resources are needed for it to work.


Success Stories

How HelloFresh has doubled direct mail conversion rates with profitable cross-channel campaigns

We have curated an inspiring selection of success stories from our customers for you to download and to discover.

How OBI makes print advertising more sustainable through customer segmentation & integrates it strategically into CRM

We have curated an inspiring selection of success stories from our customers for you to download and to discover.

How Marc O’Polo integrates customer-oriented print mailings into the digital omnichannel journey sustainably

We have curated an inspiring selection of success stories from our customers for you to download and to discover.

What our customers say

“At Golf House we are very customer-focused and prioritize personal, high-value communication along the customer journey. optilyz enables us to run direct mail in an even more agile and customer-centric manner. Their software reduces effort and opens up new potential in customer interaction.”

Christian Weinacht
CRM-Teamleiter, Golf House

“With after-sales communication, we create awareness for the GRENKE brand among existing customers and thus increase customer loyalty.”

Isabell Roesch
Senior Professional CRM, GRENKE

“Thanks to optilyz technology and consulting, we were able to reduce our cost-per-order of mailings by 75%. We are now planning to concretely pursue the path we have started to make our mailings more customer-centric as well.”

Steven Petter
Head of Marketing, Maciag

“Within a very short time, we went live with the new Customer Data Platform (CDP), moved existing marketing automation processes and connected Programmatic Print. Kudos to two outstanding service providers who are in no way inferior to their technical solutions.”

Simon Meyer
Lead Business Owner, Manor

“optilyz empowers us to operate our markets from a single platform, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of managing multiple agencies. Thanks to seamless API integration with our marketing cloud Iterable, data entry is a breeze, and webhooks ensure smooth, two-way communication.”

Endrick Leon
CRM Manager Reactivation, Marley Spoon

Send direct mail internationally

With optilyz you can roll out your direct mail campaigns worldwide. In addition, we can currently print and deliver locally in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Sustainability with and at optilyz

We make direct mail more climate-friendly on various levels. Direct mail automation reduces overall runs by making them more targeted, while standard formats also conserve resources. We also offer sustainable paper qualities such as FSC paper or recycled paper. We are also proud to be a carbon-neutral company. So your direct mail campaigns are too!


Take a look inside

Direct mail automation has never been easier! Our dashboard allows you to configure your direct mail campaigns, automate & integrate them into the customer journey based on triggers.

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