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How Fressnapf creates a new dimension of customer loyalty with cross-channel personalisation

What does print have to do with the future of digital marketing? Spoiler: A lot! Fressnapf reveals why print mailings and
digital channels belong together like humans and pets. Europe’s number one in pet supplies was unable to reach many of its customers digitally. The reach of standard brochures also declined. A dilemma from which the company has developed into an omnichannel player with a consistent strategy: personalisation and measurability on all channels. Thomas Oberste-Schemmann and Nico Müller-Leon
from Fressnapf as well as Martin Twellmeyer from optilyz explain how Fressnapf rebuilt its CRM system
to make complex personalisation easier.

Our speakers on the OMR stage

OMR 2024 ENG

Martin Twellmeyer

Co-Founder & CEO

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OMR 2024 ENG

Thomas Oberste-Schemmann 

 VP Loyalty & CRM

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OMR 2024 ENG

Nico Müller-Leon

 Head of Digital Dialogmarketing

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Melanie Maurer

Account Executive

OMR 2024 ENG

Maxime Jourdain

Account Executive

OMR 2024 ENG

Katya Bakhova

Account Executive


Max Egener

Senior Customer Success Manager

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Silke Schloeßer-Drever

Senior Solution Consultant

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Isabel Milbert

Head of Partnerships & Marketing

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