Reduce effort and enhance 
campaign performance


Simple and quick booking of all kind of direct mail campaigns.

Comprehensive quality control of suppliers and competitive frame contracts.

Broad selection of standard print formats and materials.

Advanced features such as data mapping and address review.


Setup of recurring campaigns e.g. welcome letters, birthday mailings and reactivation campaigns in a few clicks.

Definition of sendout triggers based on timing (e.g. on certain days) or minimum volumes (e.g. from 500 contacts).

Campaign merge functionality to reduce postage and printing costs.

Easy integration into major CRM systems and marketing clouds via API to integrate offline touchpoints into customer journeys and enable extensive segmentation.


Broad range of KPIs to optimize like in email marketing.

Easy A/B testing of all campaign aspects, such as formats, slogans, designs and incentives.

Comprehensive toolset, e.g. for geo analytics and postcard optimization.

Hassle-free conversion data upload via API.