optilyz is stepping up the direct mail game

Combine different mailing products to run even more successful direct mail campaigns!

We’re excited to introduce our brand new booking funnel, a powerful way to create campaigns by combining different mail products into one envelope. This will have everything you need to elevate your game and make direct mail a highly profitable channel. As of now, you can do the following:

  • combine multiple items easily into one envelope
  • configure alle products according to your individual ideas
  • perform A/B tests on e.g. formats, incentives, and visuals effortlessly

Thanks to the new options, you are able to book extremely profitable campaigns in just a few clicks.

Combine multiple products

A single mail piece can quickly become a limitation and won’t provide you with enough space to correctly convey your message. Now with our multi-products selection you can easily combine letters, flyers, and postcards together in one envelope.

Benefit from advanced print products configuration

You won’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. The quality of your printed materials matters to us, therefore we’ve super powered the product configuration to let you personalise the touch and feel of your products.

Run powerful A/B tests

Creating an A/B test in optilyz is as simple as uploading two or more visual variations for a product. Start comparing how your target audience reacts to your designs, offers, or messages and uncover insights to improve your next campaigns.

We have also planned these exciting innovations for 2018

We are constantly developing our platform so that your direct mail campaigns will be even more successful in the future. Look forward to the following innovations for the year 2018!

Increase your delivery rate

The quality of your customer address data will significantly influence your campaign’s performance. To ensure that every address is valid, we are implementing a new data validation tool that will automatically spot incorrect addresses. If possible it will correct them and otherwise delete them. Once you have booked your campaign, you will be able to download the corrected addresses to improve your own database.

We have noticed that on average, 6% of uploaded addresses are invalid and will therefore not reach their destination. Every print material sent out to an invalid address will negatively impact your campaign’s results. Thanks to our integrated address cleaning tool, we enable you to avoid the costs of unsendable addresses and therefore save money.

Address your customers with relevant content

For a direct mail campaign to be successful, it’s crucial to address the appropriate message to the right audience. You will soon be able to leverage your segmented data by assigning a visual variation to each group of customers.

For example, if you decide to segment your data by gender, you can easily assign a particular postcard to your female audience and a different one to your male audience. The success of your campaign lies mainly in the quality of your data and the coherence of your campaign.

Get your print materials verified for free

Designing for print materials can quickly become a challenge, which is why we support you by providing design templates. To make sure your designs are respecting the postal service guidelines before you even book anything with us, we are introducing a new way for you to request a FREE design verification. Simply upload your designs onto the platform and request a verification. We will review them and get back to you in flash with feedback regarding the printability of your visuals.

So tell us, why are you still printing with a mailing house? It’s time to make a change and step up your direct mail game for good! The most innovative European companies enhance their direct mail success with optilyz. Contact us today for a free demo tour of our platform.