Direct Mail in the digital age

Direct mail in the digital age

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Daniel Preuß - Outfittery

Daniel Preuß


„With optilyz we target the right customers with the right content at the right time. This has increased our direct mail conversion rates by over 200%. To benefit of this in the long run we leverage the optilyz direct mail platform.“

Christian Efendic - Contorion

Christian Efendic


„Thanks to the optilyz integration […] our reactivation mailings are now just as automated as our email campaigns. This saves cost and time.“

Martin Berky - posterXXL

Martin Berky


„optilyz enabled us to introduce another powerful CRM performance channel. The easy integration into Emarsys is in line with our agile and scalable thinking and perfectly fits the way our organisation works.“

Florian Bonnet - HelloFresh

Florian Bonnet


„optilyz as the best-of-breed tool for European direct mail automation lets us run highly segmented campaigns with minimal setup effort.“

Florian Teufel - mymuesli

Florian Teufel


„Print is back and has evolved into an effective way to win back customers.“

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